Greg Webb installed a sport court for us in our backyard. The quality of the court and the service we received from Greg was unparalleled. We have enjoyed hours of entertainment and fun for my family, especially my three children. Greg took our vision for the court and made it a reality. I highly recommend his design and installation services!!!
— Hubert Davis

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Jump higher, run faster, and make your shots soar with a FlexCourt basketball court in your home or backyard. It’s the court of your dreams, and you’re only a few clicks away to make it a reality. FlexCourt basketball courts are the perfect addition to your home as they help your family get outside and active together. They also give your kids and their friends a safe place to play and help your growing athletes train harder and longer.  When it comes to basketball or any other sports your family loves, FlexCourt has you covered. Talk to our court experts about building your custom basketball court today.

How are FlexCourt tiles different than other tiles on the market?

Forty years ago when FlexCourt invented and patented the first outdoor sports tiles, we designed them based on the orthopedic concept that we could reduce lateral and vertical stresses athletes experience playing sports simply by changing the court they play on. The idea took off and we became the first to bring high-performance modular sports courts to the market. Today, we continue to lead the modular game court world by improving our tiles even more. Our tiles feature the highest level of shock absorption and FleXion rating in the industry and we have the best TraXion surface (tested and undisputed) available on the market today. Say goodbye to slippery courts! Plus, our recreational courts use the same tiles you see in professional training facilities and recreation centers around the world, so you know you’re getting a superior product.

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